Prabhu Dayal Mishra

   (Voyage of an author, a visionary and a common man Prabhu Dayal Mishra)

I clearly visualise the possibility of a quantum leap into a world of new truths and new experiences, by a proper study of the knowledge contained in the vedic texts to help understand the founding principles of

cooperation and universal brotherhood of the most ancient civilizations in human history for now to follow.  more....

Prabhu Dayal Mishra
(Few words from article "The Vedic Way of Cooperation and World Fraternity")




w Pushkar Samman by Madhya Pradesh Lekhak Sangh in 2004

w Felicitation In Rashtrapati Bhawan in 1994 for the book ‘The Gita For All’

w Vyas Puraskar by The Madhya Pradesh Sanskrit Academy for 'Saundarya Lahiri' Kavyanuvad in 1997  more...

Maitreyi, 1999. The title is based on the name of the central character of a scholarly woman of the Vedic era. It is a novel published by Viswavidyalaya Prakashan, Varansi, UP India.


w Krishna: Gita, Bhaagwat and Mahaabhaarat 

w सगुण.निर्गुण ईश्वर श्री राम-कृष्ण