Prabhu Dayal Mishra

   (Voyage of an author, a visionary and a common man Prabhu Dayal Mishra)




Uddava Gita




Kshamadevi Rao (Translation) Saahitya Akedemy Delhi- 2020


Brahmvaadini Veda Mantra Commentary (Translation)- 2021

Veda-Vdant, Yoga and Sanatan Dharma
Published by Amazon Kindle Publishing, USA ( 2019).

The contents of the book pertain to the questions on above topics answered by the author on which have been already viewed by 1.50 lacs people's. 


Surya, a novel based on Vedic theme / Published by Indraprasth Prakashan, K 71 Krishna Nagar Delhi 51 (2019)


A Vedik View of Supreme World Order

A Vedic View of Supreme World order / Publishers - Indraprasth Prakashan, K 71, Krishna Nagar Delhi 51


सनातन सूक्तों का साहित्य संदेश

सनातन सूक्तों का साहित्य संदेश / प्रकाशन- इन्द्रप्रस्थ प्रकाशन, के ७१ कृष्ण नगर, दिल्ली ५१


Ved Pushpanjali part I

Ved Pushpanjali part 1 ( Hindi translation) 2009 ,
127, SHASTRI Market, Indore 452007 

Ved Pushpanjali part II

Ved Pushpanjali part 11 ( Hindi Translation) 2013,
127, SHASTRI Market, Indore 452007


“World: The abode of God”

 “World: The abode of God” 2013 The English version of Ishavashyopnishad commentary published by Indraprasth Prakaashan, K 71, Krishrana Nagar, Delhi, 51  

Ved- Kavita 2015

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Uddhava Gita (2016)


Ardhaliyon ke Poornakar

Ardhaliyon ke Poornakar ( A review book in Hindi ,2016)


Vyavsaayiyon ke line Gita

Vyavsaayiyon ke line Gita ( translation)  


Devasya Kavyam

Published by Amazon, US, world's top book distributor

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Tojik Indian Yoga Secrets

The co-authored book has been published by Partridge, a Penguin Random House 

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Yatra - Unter Yatra (2013)

This book is an autobiographical account of some intense spiritual experiences of the author along with the memoirs of some high spirits captioned  as 'Uttar Yatri'

Keshav ki kavita - Bhumi ke Durva Dal (2013)

The book brings out a brief account of some saints, lierary figures and model people of Orchha region.

Way Farther (2013)

This is an autoboigraphical account of the Vedic Way with the Foreword of Prof. R. M. Howarth in France. 'On a height he stood from where he looked towards greater heights....'

Ishwar Ka Ghar Hai Sansar (2008)

A commentary on Ishavashyopnishad being published by Indraprasha Prakashan, Delhi.

Saundarya Lahiri Kavyanuvad (1990)

Published and forwarded by Shri Swami Shivomteertha, Yoga Sanyas Society Dewas, MP India. It is a poetic rendering of the mystical prayers composed by Adi Shankaracharya of the 8th Century India. This great classical text is a queer combination of Yoga, knowledge and devotion.

The Gita for All (English) 1994

DK Distributors and Publishers, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi, India.

Krishna’s conversation with Arjuna is acknowledged as the ultimate word of wisdom. The book is based on author’s lectures on the subject in the erstwhile USSR during his three months stay in Tajikistan in 1989.

Geeta For All
Sabke Liye Geeta

Sabke Liye Gita (Hindi) 1996

DK Distributors and Publishers, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi, India.

It is an updated translation of the English original.

Uttarpath (1998)

Sahitya Bharti Prakashan, Krishna Nagar Delhi, India. An introspective account of inward and outside spiritual voyages with great Yogis and masters of present as well as past.

Maitreyi 1999

Vishwavidyalaya Prakashan Cahuk, Varansi, UP, India. A fiction based on the theme of Upanishads, with contemporary note and application of the subject.

Veda Ki Kavita (2001)

Vishwa Vidyalaya Prakashan, Chauk Varansi, UP, India. Poetic rendering of 31 selected important hymns of Vedas containing high philosophy, poetry and science.

The Holy Vedas for ALL, 2002.

Published by Books for All, Ashok Vihar Delhi, a sister concern of DK Publishers and Distributors, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi, India. An introductory account of the four Vedas, i.e. Rig-Veda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda.... not because they are the most ancient, not because they are held to be most sacred by Indians and not because they speak about all familiar things of the world and its inhabitants, Vedas are important because they imbibe an incessant search and explorations, and much more is necessary to be known about them.


Sabke Liye Veda 2004

Published by Books for All, a sister concern of DK Publishers and Distributors, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi. It is an updated Hindi version of The Holy Vedas for All.

Sabke Liye Veda


Ved Ki Kahaniyan 2005

Published by Indraprastha Prakashan, Krishna Nagar, Delhi. Myths, parables and stories, collected and compiled from the Vedic literature.

Yog Ke Saat Adhyatmic Niyam 2007.

It is the Hindi translation of Deepak Chopra’s intenational best sellers ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga’ published by Manjul Prakashan, Bhopal, MP India

Commentary on the Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Autonomous Cooperatives Act 1999 (Hindi as well as English), 2003.

Publisher MP State Cooperative Union, Shapura, Bhopal, MP, India and Samarthan NGO, Raipur respectively. An interesting study of the process of making this law in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The earnestly and in his own right brings out some deeper intents of the law for the use and application of it.

» Edited Manuals on Cooperative Housing, Credit and Audit in 1997, 2002 and 2003 respectively.

» Member in the Editorial Board of 'Pnurudaya Path' Cultural Magazine (Hindi)

» Gita and some Vedic Suktas available online in

Under Publication

» Pandita Kahmadevi Rao ( Translation) by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi

» Krishna of Bhagwat, Gita and Mahabharata by Indraprasth Prakashan, Delhi